What Matters To The Village

The Village KC has five core areas of focus:

financial literacy, college/career readiness, health and wellness, community service, and recreation.

Financial Literacy

It is extremely that our youth learn about the importance of financial literacy before they enter into adulthood. Through partnerships, The Village KC will offer workshops on managing a bank accounts, credit, investing, maintaining savings, and more.

College/Career Readiness

There are many ways to be successful in life, and steering our youth in the right direction for THEM is key. College/Career fairs, our #VillageWork summer internship program, & ACT/SAT prep workshops are just a few of the ways that we will prepare students for their future.

Health and Wellness

Assuring that our teens are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is necessary to their growth. #VillageTalk, conflict resolution, art therapy, health workshops and STD/AIDS awareness are a few ways that the Village KC will serve this need.

Community Service

The beauty of the Village KC is that there are many moving parts, and members of the community join our efforts to serve.

Our community service component includes activities and events that teach students the importance of giving back, and keeps service at the forefront of their minds. 


There is a need for more positive, safe spaces for teens to connect and have fun! The Village KC offers programs like Summer Village FYRE to help address this need, and gives youth a place to have fun on Friday nights.


Located inside DeLaSalle Education Center
3737 Troost Ave | Kansas City, MO

816-877-7354 | info@thevillagekc.org

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