Scholarship Fund

Our founder's father, Rev. Donald L. Saffold, Sr., believed that having access to continuing education opportunities is extremely important for Black youth. He worked hard to make sure that his children had the opportunity to attend college, if they chose to do so.


Rev. Saffold led a life of service to his community, and considered it an honor to serve God's people in various ways. He passed away in November 2020, but his legacy lives on through his children, and through those that he inspired during his life.


Established in November 2020, the scholarship fund will provide educational awards to high school seniors in the Greater Kansas City area.

Eligibility Requirements

Student must be a Black teen.

Student must be a high school senior in the Greater Kansas City Area.

Student must be planning to attend a trade school, college/university, or career program during the calendar year. 

Scholarships will be awarded to students who currently serve in their "village" (community) and/or have future plans to use their educational experience to do so.

Ten students will be chosen, and awarded scholarships of $1000 each. The deadline for submissions is April 30th. Recipients will be selected and contacted by May 15th.


Funds will be distributed directly to the recipient's school of choice for the next enrolled semester.


How To Apply

Fill out the application, and submit an essay or short video (no more than 10 minutes).

Essay/Video Topic:

What does the word "village" mean to you?

How do you currently serve others in your village?

How do you plan to use your future educational experiences to impact your village in a positive way? Explain.

All items must be submitted by 11:59pm on April 30, 2021.

How To Give To The Fund

We are a 501c3 designated organization, so your gift is tax deductible.

Send your gift (up to $250) by clicking the yellow "Donate" button, and designate your gift to the scholarship fund.

Sponsor A Village Scholar- Sponsorships start at $250.

If you're interested in sponsoring, please fill out this form to view the sponsorship package levels and incentives.

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