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Freestyle Paint Session (5th-8th Grade) and The Art of Business 5th-12th Grade


Freestyle Paint - Students gather during the four week session to create artwork to display and sell. An art show is the culmination of the session, where students can display and/or sell their pieces for a profit.

The Art of Business - Students learned how to turn their passion for art into business! Topics like branding, marketing, and customer service were explored over this four week session. Students participated in the art show, and created Instagram business accounts to help increase their visibility.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

Arts KC

DeLaSalle High School

Black Space Black Art

Harold Smith Art


Girls on the Run - Heart & Sole (Spring 2023)

GOTR is a program that inspire girls to value what makes them unique. Together, teams uncover confidence and understand the importance of physical and emotional health.


Led by Coach Taylor, our girls engaged in fitness and wellnessactivities during the eight week session. The program ended with a 5K run at Swope Park.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

Girls on the Run of Greater Kansas City

Brown Rose Health and Wellness


Village STEAM Studio -5th-8th Grade

Multistudio associates led our VKC kids in a mini STEAM workshop! This focus was robots and in addition to learning how to create cues and tracks, students created stories that complimented their robot's actions.

Our goal is to expose Black youth to opportunities in industries where we are vastly underrepresented, like Architecture and Design.

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VKC Photography-6th-12th Grade

This is an introductory course for 6th-12th grade students who are interested in learning more about photography. Snacks will be served each week.


Upon completion of the course, students will get real world experience capturing moments with instructors during Village KC events throughout the remainder of the year. One of our first shoots of the year will be on the red carpet for the Kansas City People's Choice Awards on July 16th!

Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

Brothers Liberating Our Communities (BLOC)

CLB Photography

T&D Photography

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